Celebrities Replaced By Products For Endorsements


Thumps Up: ‘The taste of Thunder’ carbonated drink which was endorsed by Akshay Kumar for a very long time is now replaced with Salman Khan as the new ambassador for the drink. Akshay was reported to have come back to endorse the brand back in 2012 for a whooping price of 18 crores, but with the end of the deal, Salman Khan will be taking the brand forward.

How much is he worth? Well that will be a gamble with his current success with ‘Kick’ and other films on the line; the company will have to be ready to pay him a huge price. But again hardly anything close to the likes of the amount charged by Akshay Kumar.

Kurkure: The chips brand that took the market by storm when it had just been released with the face of some of the best known actresses in the industry is now being endorsed by just one actress, who is the complete face of Kurkure putting the other five out of the game.

Parineeti Chopra, the cousin sister of Priyanka Chopra and one of the most successful bollywood actresses till date, is the new face of the brand. Her pay is said to fluctuate according to the popularity she brings to the table. This is a huge advantage for the companies as they will be save a lot of cost in terms of paying her in place of the old stars.

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