Celebrities Replaced By Products For Endorsements

BANGALORE: Celebrity branding has always been the trick of trade for companies as part of the strategy to attract consumers. For Bollywood stars, the movie industry is not the only battle field for being roped in for films but the endorsement world is becoming fiercer in competition.

It is a part of nature to replace old things with newer ones, and this is exactly the same phenomenon in the endorsement world. The more famous and popular you become in the movie world will get you better deals in the brand endorsement world. So who has replaced whom? Well here is a list compiled by Business Insider.

Mountain Dew: The PepsiCo. owned cool drink has a new face that is much more relevant with the persona of the drink.

Mountain Dew is for Adventure seekers, risk takers and high energy daredevil stunt performers and with this being the view of the drink, the company has roped in Hrithik Roshan to endorse the brand replacing the sloppy face of Salman Khan.

The company is currently paying him more than 5 crores, which is an expected fee for a star of his popularity and the huge fan base that follows him. The Brand is the fastest selling carbonated drink which saw huge sales of over 1000 crores in 2011, hopes to make it bigger with Hrithik Roshan taking the lead.

Provogue: The Cloth brand had slowly made a mark in the market with Hrithik Roshan as the Brand ambassador, but now has replaced him with Ranveer Singh who is slowly making stardom. Ranveer Singh has not accepted any endorsements which were proposed to him as he feels that the brand much match his personality.

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