Beer Vs Coffee: Will Beer Cafes overtake Coffee Cafes?

Gidwani’s partner in crime was Rahul Singh, former Executive Director (Apparel) at sportswear retailer Reebok India, in Delhi's Vasant Kunj. With Gidwani’s inimitable ideas and Sing’s wide experience in retail The Beer Cafe was soon under the lime light.

Gidwani is no more associated with The Beer Café, the two men split out when there were clashes between thoughts. "Pradeep is passionate about beer," says Singh. "But I'm a focused businessman. This is just a business for me."

Sing said that he wants to start 20 new cafes by the end of this year. Currently, The Beer Café has six outlets.

However, there might be difference in the thought process of both the former partners, but one thing at which Singh strongly agrees with Gidwani’s conviction that it is possible that beer could outperform coffee in India.

Are The Two Men Bluffing?

Though Indian beer industry has been witnessing steady growth of 10 –17 percent per year over the last ten years, taking over the coffee industry whose consumption track is expected to be 1.2 million bags (72,000 tonnes) in 2013-14 is not a joke.

The Indian coffee chain major Cafe Coffee Day alone has around 1,500 outlets. The country’s per capita annual beer consumption is accounted merely 1.5 litres, whereas, China accounts for 35 litres.

However, instead of the challenging quadruples, Gidwani is still confident about his thoughts and not fazed. "Before the coffee chains established themselves, skeptics used to say we were a tea drinking nation. Now everyone can see the success of coffee," he says.

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