Air India: National Pride to National Shame?
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Air India: National Pride to National Shame?

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 31 May 2012, 11:41 Hrs   |    10 Comments
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Bangalore: Air India was the proud national carrier which has been active in the country since many years. But now the condition of the national carrier has become so pathetic that the other airlines have to play the role. Air India is not in position to stand it’s just staggering behind.

It used to operate 185 flights per week which was more than any other foreign carriers and had acquired almost 20 percent share in the total outbound traffic since many years. Air India had been facing a great debt as well as the pilots’ strikes currently. This has amounted for a great loss of about 330 crore.

A senior official from Air India told Economic Times that the loss that they are facing is due to the ticket cancellations, unused labour and bulk of Boeing-777 fleet being grounded. He also added that bookings on the international flights have become stabilized and the price has been reduced for most of the seats so that could help in bookings in the domestic sector as well.

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Reader's comments(10)
1: In 1980 I travelled from New Delhi to New York by Air India. Though at that time there were other airline options, I preferred Air India as the s4ervice was excellent. In my 30 years experience to over 50 destinations overseas in the last 3 decades, I must admit that I never travelled by Air India again. Air India was TATAs Pride. Private Airlines are also not that good like Kingfisher,Air Deccan etc.
Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India
Posted by:Anumakonda - 12 Jun, 2012
2: We should hand it back to the TATAs .
Step 1.

Put AIR INDIA up for sale, a global tender would do.

2. Sack all the employees as most of them have an attitude for striking work at the drop of an hat (including temp staff like swepers)& start afresh.
3. Get rid of the FAT ugly air hostesses followed by unqualified & back door entrerd Pilots. most of them do not have the requisite qualification to fly, Their Father, mother or some know persons got them a pilot licence. most of them have a trade union mindset.
Currently the govt is un necessarily wasting time & efforts by infusing fresh funds to it.

As it is private players do not entertain or pamper employees as much as AIR INDIA or INDIAN AIRLINES do.

the present condition of our national cariers Rape is just because of its employee , who have taken AIR india / Indian airlines as an Insurance policy.
Posted by:saji - 04 Jun, 2012
3: Well said Vivek Nair... government has no business in business.

I would say give AI to privates who can do a great job. Yes the fares will go up... but over all costs will come down.(freebie travel to govt officials, spouses, spouse's sister etc...) Tax payers will see less funds going into this eventually.

The private company will sack almost all these rude flight attendants and every clown who shouldn't be there. Competitive salary will bring in many talents from other airlines. The carrier can actually make money at some point.
Posted by:Veera - 03 Jun, 2012
4: Attitude of AI Staff right from ticket counter, pilot and flight attend are serious concern. Not only once I have multiple time faced this situation where technical or infrstructure problem were minor but staff attitude issue and the way they handle customer question is a biggest issue. For instance When I asked dirnking water second time I was told this is second time you are asking for water, as if I have committed a crime. I have faced same or similar issue in international as well domestic market. Management needs to change the mind set and attitute first before doing anything else. It's a big shame for India like traditionally reach country behaving and showing such a poor and dirty image...
Big Shame on us......
Posted by:kjas - 01 Jun, 2012
5: Honestly, this carrier gives very poor service and the fares are not exactly in the cheapest range. I would choose emirates or domestic private airlines over AI any day. The management really needs to rework everything from the attitude of many staff - some are very very rude to the customers, I have not faced as such in other planes
Posted by:Philip - 01 Jun, 2012
very true, I have also faces the same.
Indian Replied to: Philip - 01 Jun, 2012
7: Very good opportunity for the government to dis-invest Air India. With inflation levels at such levels, tax payers cannot be burdened with the expense of owning an airlines only for the pride sack (Also there is nothing to be proud about, in being bullied after paying for tickets). I believe the only reason for its existance is to provide free tickets to the babus and other Govt. employees (Check out the AI tickets, they are not at all cheap hence not for "aam aadmi").

Government dont have any business in business. They are here to manage a conducive environment and allow businesses to thrive. They should be facilitating businesses not competing with them. It is never efficient to have government owned businesses. They should be rather invested in areas that other will not be interested in. eg. micro financing schemes, farmer support systems, schools and colleges, medical institutions, etc. These are the responsibility of the government(and not catering to the needs of the rich at tax payers expense).

My point of view might be due to my acute understanding of the entire dynamics. Hence please share your views, I really wish to learn.
Posted by:Vivek Nair - 31 May, 2012
8: Its one of the worst, crapy national airlines in the world. I'm a proud Indian NRI but will never step into AI/IA. Tried a few times and it was the worst experience in all levels... More over i would like to give my life for my country when needed but not risk my life unnecessarily in a flight journey.
Posted by:Veera - 31 May, 2012
9: The national carrier is in big trouble don't know when will it recover....
Posted by:shruti - 31 May, 2012
10: The national carrier is in big trouble don't know when will it recover....
Posted by:shruti - 31 May, 2012