8 Companies That Practice Best Corporate Social Responsibility

BANGALORE: Milton Friedman famously declared in 1970 that there’s one and only one social responsibility of business-to increase profit. Forty Four years later, both businesses and the customers are waking up to the need and significance of corporate social responsibility. CSRactivities by a business not only bring positive changes in the community but hugely impacts the image of the company involved in CSR activity. A company with good CSR practice is rewarded hugely by the customers and attracts investors.  A worldwide study done by the Reputation Institute ranked businesses on their CSR performance, four companies tied for the top spot-Microsoft, Google, BMW and Disney, reports Forbes.

Microsoft: Microsoft not only gives back to the society as a business, it also encourages its employees to give back by organizing the Employee Giving Campaign every year since 1983. During this period, Microsoft employees raise fund for their favorite non- profits. In its 30th year, the campaign reached the $1billion mark. The company launched Microsoft YouthSpark in September 2012.Through this global initiative, Microsoft tries to educate, generate employment and encourage entrepreneurship among the youth. In India, Microsoft has trained 7, 41,000 government school teachers in IT through Project Shiksha. Each year, Microsoft Learning certifies around 1,00,000 people. The BizSpark program has helped more than 2000 start-ups with technology, software and tools.

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