5 Indian Companies Among World's Most Valuable Brands

2. Reliance Industries
Ranking in 2013: 171
Brand value in 2013: $6.14 billion

Dhirubhai Ambani, the business magnate founded the Reliance Industries in 1966. He along with his cousin founded this company in Mumbai, after he returned from Yemen. Today, Reliance Industries is one of the most popular and the second largest company in India, in terms of revenue; Indian Oil Corporation is the largest.

Dhirubhai started his business career with ‘spices’ in 1958 and after making a significant profit in the business, he switched into textiles, opening a textile mill in Ahmedabad; Reliance was founded in 1966.

In 1981, Dhirubhai’s elder son, Mukesh Ambani left his MBA in Stanford and returned to India to help his father; Mukesh Ambani joined Reliance in 1987. That was the time, when Reliance started founding newer ways into polyester fibers and petrochemical business.

Today, Reliance operates into multiple sectors with petrochemical as one of its most important part; telecommunication, textiles, household commodities and many more.

Reliance’s last year’s ranking was 237 with a brand value of $4.36 billion.

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