5 Companies That Modernized India

Bangalore: The Indian business sector is growing at a fast pace and this can be proved by the fact that many companies have explored the Indian origin and many few of them have seriously changed the Indian culture and scenario.

A country where coffee and tea use to be a simple family time beverage, has been replaced by coffee cafes like Cafe Coffee Day and Barista.

Read on to know five companies that changed India, listed by Economic Times.

1. Zee TV
ZEE TV is one of India’s busiest satellite TV channel. When the satellite industry was ruled by national broadcaster Doordarshan, Subhash Chandra’s hard effort gave the Industry a new vision. The ages old rules that gave Doordarshan a monopoly was taken over by Zee TV'-branded Indian content from Hong Kong in October 1992. The rules and regulations eventually changed and today over 600 channels in India are stoking aspirations even in corners that have no water or tarred roads.

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