5 Simple Ways You Can Increase Your Profit Potential

5 Simple Ways You Can Increase Your Profit Potential

The global forex market is one of the biggest financial markets in the world. Due to the sheer volume it generates on a daily basis, you’ll find traders from all levels trying to establish themselves in the market.

However, reaching pro-trader status does require a lot of work and won’t happen with the snap of your fingers. To make a mark in the trader’s community, you have to take certain steps.

And it doesn’t involve just analysing your trading performance for a short period of time. You have to go a step further and also consider long time periods. While you can generate a consistent profit, there’s also a risk of significant loss.

Below, you’ll find some elements that need your attention and can help you maximise your profit factors in this competitive trading industry.

1. Avoid Overtrading

It’s easy getting into forex trading, but one wrong step and it can have dire consequences. One of the first steps you should take is avoid overtrading. When you enter this market, you’re going to start becoming more involved and active. During this period, it’s pertinent to stay on the sidelines sometimes and only go for profitable trades.

And this only comes from learning and experience. Absorb all the possible information you can about forex markets, including factors that affect your preferred currencies. This will help you adapt to shifting markets, and give you the green light for the profitable trades.

Most pro-traders stay idle instead of being extremely active. They observe what’s happening and only step in when it’s absolutely necessary.

2. Use Price Action

It’s one of the most popular trading concepts in the market, and if done right, you can improve your performance drastically and also transform the way you observe charts.

Now, there are some secrets you should be aware of if you’re going to leverage price action trading signals. As a trader, it’s important to know how to analyse the highs and lows. Getting a hold of this information means understanding trends, trend direction, and in some cases, you might be able to foreshadow when the trend comes to an end too.

Also, avoid settling for textbook patterns. You can’t always follow what other traders did in the past. It’s imperative to understand that price is a dynamic concept. They change all the time. So if you want to stay on top of your game, you need to create your own playbook and find your own tricks.

3. Opt for Multiple Frame Time Analysis

If you want to continue making money in the forex market, your knowledge on trends has to be expansive. You should also know how to identify an underlying trend and then take the necessary steps.

This is where multiple frame time analysis comes into the picture, one of the best trading tips you’ll come across. To begin with, using this concept will save you from false trading signals. Let’s say you’re following your playbook and doing things right, but you’re still losing trades. This is because of the frames you’re tracking.

First tip - the longer the time frame, the more reliable signals you can expect. It’s advised to use a longer time frame that will help you identify a primary trend. Once you have defined a trend, you can start pulling in multiple frames.

For instance, a long-term trader will use monthly charts and also focus on weekly charts to define the primary trend. For their exits and entries, they will leverage daily charts. Swing traders and day traders also have their own methods of defining a primary trend.

4. Start Applying Fundamental Analysis

If you want to know what the overall strength of a market is, fundamental analysis is your answer. So, how does this work? You will have to do an in-depth study and analysis of the economy, industry, or organisation as a whole.

You will then combine the data at hand to know the current value of stocks. Once you have this information, you can determine if they are either under or overvalued. This will also help you predict the future value of stocks.

Now, as a beginner, it will take you some time to get a hold of this approach. After all, it does require extensive research of various economies, industries, and organisations. However, over a period of time, you’ll come to know this as one of the easiest ways to trade.

5. Avoid High-risk Exposure

It goes without saying that you should always trade the market with low-risk exposure. And there’s good reason for it too. Taking a massive risk in every single trade that you make can lead to considerable loss. It also doesn’t mean you will get get profits on your trade every day.

That’s why it’s advised to take caution before you invest a lot in a trade. For example, if you had a huge amount riding on a particular trade and lost it, you’d experience a significant loss in your trading capital.


Applying the above tips and tricks to your trading process will not only draw in desired profits but will also help you make your mark in this industry as a pro-trader. Even if you follow a single step, you will notice a considerable improvement in your trading career.

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