4 First Daughters Who Outshine In Their Family Businesses

Bangalore: Dell Women's Global Entrepreneurship Study conducted across 450 women entrepreneurs from U.S., UK and India commissioned by Dell revealed that 71 per cent of woman entrepreneurs in India have a branding in market for their businesses and eight in every 10 woman entrepreneurs are hiring which indicates an expansion spree in their individual businesses as well as increase in employment opportunities too.

Early results show tremendous optimism on part of women in business in India. The study found that women in India expect 90 per cent growth in their business over period of five years compared to 24 per cent and 50 per cent growth in business expected by entrepreneurs in the UK and the U.S. respectively.

Along with the entrepreneurs there are also women who are already born with a golden spoon and have it in their blood naturally and are no less passionate about their job. Read on to know four first daughters who have reached the top in their family businesses, reported by Sreeradha D Basu & Rica Bhattacharyya, Economic Times.

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