2015: Foray Of Technology In Business Sector

#Citizen Coders: Building an army

The demand for wearable’s and connected devices has accelerated within a short period of time.  Consequently, this has placed a colossal pressure on developers to create more apps to assuage the flow for these newbie technologies. It’s with the rise in apps that are generated by ‘connected everything’ together with user friendly developmental platforms that were launched last year will bring forth an army of ‘Citizen Coders’.

The growth is inevitable, as the blame largely fall on people that are oblivious to the fact these apps are singularly not just intended for professional programmers or those with a first class computer science background. These developmental platforms are insightful and permit employees from all backgrounds to develop dominant enterprise apps further fueling the growth of citizen coders.

#Startups: On fire!

‘Startups’ is the new in-thing that is picking up at an early stage. Moreover, an announcement offering financial support for innovative science and tech startups was made last year to propel a series of schemes and awards for encouraging the expansion of startups.  

This initiative is guaranteed to act as a driving force for the enthusiastic and thriving to-be entrepreneurs to enter the workforce and enlarging tech startups this year.

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