2015: Foray Of Technology In Business Sector

BANGALORE: Technology is all set to bloom the business industry with superior resourcefulness and smarter decision that will engender a better customer experience. In retrospect we can find a transition of how technology played a key role in the business enterprise from instantaneous communication through email, Internet or Smartphone to telemarketing and outsourcing. Therefore, it is only right to expect that the impact of technology will escalate the business sectors to a whole new level of possibilities. Here’s an idea of what the future technology has in store for us, reports Tech radar.

#Wearables: Try me on!

Wearable’s are hot topics and a fad that seems to be making rounds in the tech world, it has now seized the interest of business sectors and is likely to be heading in that line as well.  Last year the tech market was dominated by High-end launches like Apple Watch, Will.i.am's Puls, FitBit and Jawbone.

For this reason it is with no qualm that wearables will have its seepage rooted more firmly then it did before. Considering the shift from consumer-ship to business, features and functions are expected to veer more towards the industrial side.

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