13 Most Successful Companies Named After Their Founders

Bangalore: Whenever we take a look at the magnificent success of few of the big hot shot companies we dream about their fame, glamour and power. What most of us don’t think are the reasons behind the successful names they carry.

Cadbury, Tata Group, Horlicks and Bacardi are few names which only some one from the caves will not know. What most people don’t know are the interesting facts behind theses hot shot names.

Here is a list 10 big companies listed by Yahoo and how these companies came be named after their owners.

1. Company: Cadbury
Founder: John Cadbury

Cadbury was founded about 200 years ago by John Cadbury who started selling coffee, tea, and drinking chocolate which he produced himself. He then started producing a wide variety of cocoa and drinking chocolates which he sold it only to the rich people, because of its high production cost.

Later John Cadbury came in partnership with his brother Benjamin and the company they formed was named as 'Cadbury Brothers of Birmingham'.

Today, Cadbury sells a wide range of products like Dairy Milk, Crunchie, Caramel, Wispa, Boost, Picnic, Flake, and Curly. Currently Cadbury has revenues around $5,384 million.

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