13 Most Powerful Names of India, 2013

Bangalore: The hunger for power never gets quenched and increases with every passing day. Whether it is in the corporate market or the media or the film industry, the chase for power is always prominent. Power represents legacy and the boundary of one’s kingdom. Power represents the influence and impact in the market.

‘India Today’, in their eleventh edition has revealed the list of the fifty high and mighty powers of India. Their domain and limits is increasing with every passing day and is also responsible for most of the rising conditions of India.

13. Parmeshwar Godrej, Social arbiter
Age: 67, Rank (2013): 47

Even though she has stepped into 67, she is still considered as the ‘Party Queen’ of Mumbai. Her high flying spirit has remained untouched and undefeated from the last decades; even a chronic lung disease couldn’t stop her spirits and she is still considered as one of the prominent faces of the High and Mighty Powers of India.

This gorgeous style icon as well as the leading lady of the ‘Godrej’ legacy is at the forty-seventh rank in this year’s list. Earlier in 2003, she was at the thirty-eighth rank of the same list.

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