12 Self-Made Teen Millionaires

#3 Nick D’Aloisio
Biz: Summly App
Net-worth: $30Million
London’s 16-year old teenager is on the right path to become the next Mark Zuckerberg. When Apple introduced its App Store, Nick, who was 12 back then was intrigued by its success and wanted to build his own app. With the help of books and forums on building apps, Nick soon created his first app called Finger Mill which earned him £79 on the first day. By the time he was 15, Nick had successfully developed an app called Summly. Summly is a newsreader that uses algorithms to fetch news articles visited websites, summarize them into 400 character mini article and displays on the phone. This app later-on grabbed Yahoo’s attention and is rumored to have been bought for $30Million dollars.

#2 Ashley Qualls
Biz: WhateverLife.com
Net-worth: $8Million
From an 8 dollar loan to 8 million earnings, Ashley Quails sure knows how to become a successful entrepreneur. In 2004, the 17 year old American launched WhateverLife.com, a website where she showcased self-designed MySpace web layouts and gave them for free. By the end of 2007, the popularity of MySpace.com had reached an all time high and so did the traffic to Ashley’s website. As she was a member of Google’s Ad Sense program, it earned her revenue of $1.5Million.

#1 Catherine and David Cook
Biz: MyYearbook.com
Net-Worth: $20Million
In 2005, the 15 year old Catherine and 17 year old David came up with a social networking site called the MyYearbook.com which is an on-line version of traditional high school yearbook. The website was launched by pitching it as “MySpace for High School” and became an instant success. Today the site has over 5 million users and has an estimated net worth of $20Million dollars.