10 Most Business-Friendly Nations in the World

Bangalore: Location plays an important role in the progress of any business. Also, obstacles are an integral factor in the expansion of any business. Lesser are the obstacles, better growth can be expected in the business.

Nowadays, most of the nations are targeting on the revenues, coming from the business, inside their boundaries. While some countries already had friendly policies for the ‘already developed’ or ‘developing’ business within its boundaries, some other countries are now accepting newer policies to encourage the same.

According to the list of the ‘business-friendly’ countries in the world by ‘doing business’, India ranks 132, while Singapore tops the list.

1. Singapore

From the last few years, Singapore has been ranked as the best country for business. Singapore provides an encouraging environment to all the newcomers, irrespective of their gender, nationality, etc.

At present, Singapore is the fourth largest financial center in the world and is also an impactful nation. Major portion of Singapore’s GDP comes from its manufactured goods. Export and import also plays an important role in the economy of Singapore.

It has the fifth largest as well as the busiest ports in the world.

2. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is highly known for its low taxation and free trade policy, has retained its second position this year; it ranked the second position last year. Hong Kong’s per capita income is very high compared to other Asian countries.

In terms of business, Hong Kong provides the maximum economic and financial freedom in the Asian region. The quality of life in Hong Kong is also very high and has already received many appreciations from the UN and WHO.

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