10 CEOs and Their Worst Decisions

Bangalore: The CEOs of any company holds the maximum power in that company. The CEO holds the charge for the total management of that organization.

However, as CEOs enjoys all the good outcomes of the companies, he/she also has to take all the blames for any of the wrong tasks done by the company.

Recently, Forbes released a list of some of the CEOs, who proved themselves as the wrong mark in the name of the company or their decisions brought down the dignity of the company. Here is the list of 10 such CEOs of the world.

1. Aubrey McClendon

Former CEO, Chesapeake Energy

Aubrey McClendon is the co-founder of Chesapeake Energy Corporation. In the year 2008, he was the highest paid CEO of all S&P companies. Forbes Magazine named him as ‘America’s Most Reckless Billionaire’ in 2011.

Uncertainly, the founder had to resign from his own company. He was the CEO then.

According to reports, during 2004-2008, he ran a secret fund to trade oil contracts of $200 million. This activity was considered as a serious forging act and in May, 2012, Aubrey resigned the company.

2. Brian Dunn

Former CEO, Best Buy

Brian Dunn, the former CEO of ‘Best Buy’ started his career from a grocery store.

He joined Best Buy in 1985 as a salesman. From there onwards, along with the progress of Best Buy, his career also grew up. He has given a tough competition to marketing giants like Wal-Mart, Amazon, etc.

Brian Dunn resigned Best Buy on April, 2012 after he was confirmed of having illicit relation with a female employee.

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