10 Best SEO Companies in India

Bangalore: There was a time, when sending a message used to take several days or even months, but with the advancement of ‘internet’, this gap has got shortened to ‘just a click’ away. The world is getting smaller and every individual is getting connected with every other individual; all thanks to the growing impact of information and technology.  

‘Search Engine Optimization’ (SEO) has played one of the most important role in bringing the world closer. And while talking about the growth of business, SEOs plays the most integral role by making a business visible to everyone. ‘topseos.in’, one of the best and independent search vendor authorities in India has ranked some of the SEO companies in India, based on their reputation and performance graphs.

1. Indazo Solutions
Bhopal & Mumbai, Madhya Pradesh

Founded in 2007, Indazo Solutions has more than 1,000 clients and has been rated as the #1 SEO Company in India. Global Media, Real Estate Group, Hilton Hotels, Orange and many more influential names comprises the list of Indazo's clients.

Indazo Solution offers services that include SEO, Pay per Click, eCommerce Promotion, Internet Branding, Web Designing, Social Marketing, Online Reputation Management and many more.

Indazo Solution is an ideal SEO platform to make business visible to a broader aspect and moreover, their team of more than 100 best qualified and experienced employees can guarantee the best service in the field.

2. SEOValley Solutions
Bangalore & Bhopal, Karnataka

SEOValley SOlutions is based in Bangalore, Karnataka and also has a branch in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. It was founded in 1999 and it went international in 2001. It comprises a team of 51-100 members and has some of the leading names of the corporate world as their clients; HCL Technologies, Nokia USA, Capital Visaa, Wraggers, BRIC.com and many more.

Very recently, they have started operating in Sydney, Glasgow and Scotland and are looking forward to increase their grip in New Zealand and also in the APAC region.

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