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Read distinctive story of Indian professionals who are well achieved or succeeding in career. My Story may grand a clear direction to sketch your career in right way for future or an inspiration to share your successful story with our network members and other visitors. This would provide a comprehensive narration of authors backgrounds, growth story, advices or suggestions, achievements and many more.
Suchita Vishnoi
Head Marketing, Trend Micro
A dynamic & results driven marketing strategist with over 12 years of record achievement targeting niche B2... more>>
Anil Rego
Founder & CEO, Righthorizons
Right Horizons Financial Services Pvt Ltd is a wealth management and investment banking company, which was ... more>>
Dr. Bharatheesh Jaysimha
Dr. Jay B. Simha is Chief Technology Officer, ABIBA Systems, a telcom BI & Analyti... more>>
R. Venkatanarayanan
Venkat's role spans across all the group companies and focuses on providing a soun... more>>
Mohith  Mathur
Mohith gained hands-on experience of secure app development on various mobile plat... more>>
Kota Krishna Kamath
Kotaa Krishna Kamath, Managing Director, ESurveying Softech (India) Pvt. Ltd. has more than 16 years of experience software product development for domestic and i... more>>
Amit Kishore
Head of Marketing, Webfluenz
Amit heads the marketing functions at Webfluenz and is determined to further the boundaries of co... more>>
Pradeesh  Thomas
CEO, AlphaVista Services, San Francisco
I am currently the co-founder & CEO of AlphaVista, a US Based Special Education Services Company.... more>>
Bharathi Raja M
Art Director, Trellisys
Bharathi involved himself completely into creative process right from Conception to creating prot... more>>
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