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Katuri Medical College, Guntur

Welcome to Katuri Medical College, Guntur

About: Katuri Medical College, Guntur.

Location: Katuri Medical College & Hospital Katuri Nagar, Chinakondrupadu.

State: Andhra Pradesh

A tender sapling laid in 1991 in Bangalore as a public charitable trust by a group of us, educationalists, to repay back our social debits to our people and land, with a vision, now permeated into a great banyan, thereby caressing a whole lot of the society under its protective medical educational and health care activities.
Reminiscence reminds us of those years of hard tilling, laying that tender saping, raring and caring for and pruning those branches for proper shade but yet now when we look forward, it's a humble yet palatial place where one and all come in search of care and cure for all their medical and health problems. These days we see those happy mothers leaving this state of the art one stop contemporary medical educational and halth care complex with healthy babies and those deserted dejected HIV affected are not any more untouchables and they now have a hope of leading peaceful life hereafter.

As they say Nothing worthwhile was ever achieved without conscious effort and hard work and this path of ours shalll lead us to day where our students and alumus shall disseminate their knowledge all accross and cause to eradicate those desatrous medical calamities.

All we now need is a few young and pure minds with compassion and commitment and we shall vow to reach and conquer all those shores of medical advancements in the well benefits of the society at large

Courses offered: M.B.B.S, MD, Nursing.
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