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By Manipal Distance Education   |   Monday, 06 May, 2013
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IT or information technology has wired in every quarter of the globe. Technology has become the driving force for any operation or process from booking tickets for travel, studying through an online university or listening to a favorite song from the mobile.

As the world embarks on this new digital era, prospects for technology professionals are immense. From programming to software development, testing, networking, software engineering, there is a wide scope of opportunities in the IT space, handling the core concepts to peripheral management. The technology acumen has greater application in today’s business scenario.

To become a part of this ever-growing network of businesses on the technology bandwagon, a degree program such as the MCA is vital. More so, with competition raging with better resources and professionals, it becomes crucial to remain steadfast on the career track.  Here, a distance MCA degree will multiply the output of academics and career growth, giving the double boost for progress.  There are many advantages of MCA degree, which give students and working professionals, the “clicking” edge.

Pursuing a distance MCA degree gives an insight into the basics and advanced levels of technology. In addition to giving a strong foundation in computers and their application; MCA coverage includes different programming tools, the software and the elementary knowledge of computer hardware. Apart from programming languages, the distance MCA curriculum also equips students to learn about the different layers of networking of small and large internet spaces, the modular software architecture and other aspects, which form the cornerstone of any major or minor software functionality.

The essence of Information technology and “technology-driven” courses are well substantiated. In addition, the distance education option helps working students and professionals to remain on track, on their career-path, giving the course the best of both worlds.
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