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About Rai Business School, Delhi :-

Rai Business School ranks among the top Business schools in India. Perceiving the tough challenges faced in the fast growing global economy, the Institute encourages means for searching and marveling the hidden talent of the youth. 

With highly experienced faculty and world class infrastructure, Rai Business School aims at creating a stimulated learning atmosphere conducive for overall development of their students.

Students are also encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities like cultural activities, sports, and business competitions for an overall grooming.

Vision :-

Rai Business School, Delhi envisions to create industry-ready professionals who are well-equipped to face the fiercely competitive market. We also believe vehemently in exploring the latent talents of every individual and then nourishing, chiseling and grooming them to their optimum level. Rai Business School has become a trusted institution that supports growth of a business in the country. 

Mission :-

To nurture and engender creativity and innovation in every student by encouraging our faculty members to follow the path of perfection and excellence. To achieve this, RBS has carefully put together a passionate, enthusiastic, and vibrant workforce, wherein each individual has been chosen on the basis of his/her commitment and talent, irrespective of age. Our passion for student-centric approach enables us to evolve the leaders of tomorrow.

Academic Programs :-


Career Management Cell :-

The robust and proactive placement cell of Rai Business School, New Delhi is called Career Management Cell. It works in support of students giving them direction and resources to acquire the necessary skills to secure their dream job. The Career Management Cell is a team of experienced professionals who optimize their relationship with the industry experts in order to groom the students in the best of their capabilities. The main objective of the Career Management Cell is to create a platform where the employers can come and select fresh talents from the campus. Activities like Summer Internships. Mentoring programs and on the job trainings are attempts to bridge the gap between the budding professionals and their prospective employers.

Contact Info :-

A-41, MCIE, Mathura Road, 
New Delhi - 110044 

Tel :011- 26991300,41560000,41570000, 32557623

Fax :(011) 2695 9999 

E-mail :delhi@rbs.edu.in