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So now that you know you’re in good hands, let’s talk about what makes us so special.
Holistic development of our students
Instill attitudinal change and motivate individuals
Impart knowledge at a deeper level
Develop each student intellectually
Promote discipline and values
Inculcate a sense of self esteem and pride
Provide global exposure through broad-based curriculum
Sow the seed of corporate responsibility
Make employable managers and industry leaders
Assist every student to secure a good job as per his / her preference, profile and domain expertise
Make responsible citizens who can contribute to our national might

"As the Brand Manager of your company, you are responsible for the successful launch of its new hair oil. But just before your marketing campaign, worth crores, takes off, the competition reduces the cost of their hair oil by five rupees. How will you mitigate the loss?"

Interactive role play like this, along with relevant case studies, group discussions and project work are just some of the ways with which we prepare students at MILE to develop into responsible, confident managers, capable of responding to critical situations right from their first day at work.

Our career-oriented and industry specific curriculum is framed by leading HR experts and management executives, with a special slant on preparing students for recruitment and to fit various roles required by the corporate sector.

As a result, what you see at the end of our two-year program is the transition of an individual from young and inexperienced professional to mature management leader.

Our Vision

MILE would be the choice of those aspirants who would like to become world class managers, entrepreneurs, business leaders and also contribute to the national might.

Our Mission

To build one of the most reputed institutions which would be respected by students, parents, alumni, industry and the entire society.
To impart state-of-the-art training and holistic educational curriculum in order to nurture world class business leaders and entrepreneurs who can deliver optimum results for the benefit of organizations they would work for and also contribute to the society they live in.
To create a breed of leaders who are self motivated and believe in excellence.
Through the medium of education and training create people who stand for core human values and are motivated to create knowledge, wealth, peace and prosperity.

PGPM + MMM / MPM Program Structure


Post Graduate Program in Management - Basic (2013-14)
Post Graduate Program in Management - Advanced (2014-15)


University of Pune

Masters in Marketing Management - MMM
Masters in Personnel Management - MPM

These are two years full time courses run by the MUENCHEN EDUCATION SOCIETY.

While MMM and MPM are Post graduate Degrees offered by Pune University which is a State University recognized by the UGC, PGPM-BASIC and PGPM-ADVANCED are self-certifying industry oriented and competency building courses for making students employable. It is an industry initiative with no recognition or approval from or affiliation to any government, statutory bodies or Universities.