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Holistic learning experience     
We have designed the International MBA program to be both rigorous and relevant. Broadly divided into 3 parts, the program comprises foundation studies across the spectrum of core managerial competencies, an area of specialization studies (undertaken at one of our partner universities) and a six-month mentored professional development placement (at a partner international business). Taken together, this combination will provide a foundation of learning and reflective practice experience that will make you ideally suited for managerial leadership in business anywhere in the world.
Studying at KiBS results in a range of benefits, including:

kibs kochiPersonal skills and confidence to work effectively with people from all cultural, discipline and experiential backgrounds
kibs kochiCapacity to think critically and speak authoritatively with colleagues at all levels of  the enterprise
kibs kochiCompetence in representing your ideas in a variety of commercial and community settings
kibs kochiSkills in working effectively in teams
kibs kochiAn international network of lifelong contacts

International Business Competence License (IBC*L)

We are now living in a world in which companies conduct business in a global arena. As such, the demand for individuals with internationally recognized qualifications is set only to increase.

As part of its mission to prepare individuals for the opportunities and changes ahead in a borderless economy, KiBS is pleased to announce that it is the first institution in India to become an accredited IBC*L preparatory exam centre, with its inaugural class of students having graduated in October 2009.

The International Business Competence License (IBC*L), or EBC*L within Europe, is an internationally recognized business qualification that covers the key concepts and functional areas of management. The curriculum is designed to equip you with an operational understanding of business knowledge that you will be able to apply directly to the work environment, thereby increasing your marketability to prospective employers, enhancing your professional performance and/or supporting your future career aspirations. Indeed, numerous well known companies have successfully integrated IBC*L into their in-house staff development programs.

IBC*L Certification

IBC*L certification is offered at three different levels, with separate certification awarded for successful completion of each level.

Level A introduces fundamental business topics:

    Business Objectives and Management Ratio
    Costing and Pricing
    Business Law

Level B covers planning and operational management topics:

    Business Plan
    Marketing and Sales
    Financial Planning (Budgeting), Pre-investment Analysis and Profitability Analysis

Level C covers leadership and organizational management topics:

    Human Resources Management
    Business Management

KiBS currently delivers preparatory courses for IBC*L Level A certification. The curriculum is designed around an intensive, blended learning format, in which students benefit from both the knowledge exchange with European trainers and the reduced time commitment, a saving of not only time, but also tuition expenses. Course delivery constitutes approximately 20 hours of face-to-face instruction by a certified European trainer, and approximately 40 hours of guided self study; however, the number of teaching contact hours can be adapted to student needs. On enrolment, students receive their four self study manuals, each covering one topic area.

Certificates are awarded following successful completion of all course components and satisfactory performance in the examination. Moreover, standardization of the examination ensures international comparability of the results. The certificate attests that the holder has demonstrated the core competences required for employment in the business world.

(EBC*L and KiBS has a working relationship with Maya India, an Austrian based consulting firm, in offering the IBC*L program in India.)

IBCL India

Successful completion of pilot project

The first IBC*L exam in India was conducted on September 27th, 2009. The participants were a group of class ten commerce students from Rajagiri Public School, Cochin. Following four weeks preparatory training, these students were assessed in the fields of Accounting, Business Ratios, Cost Accounting and Business Law.

This pilot project was initiated with the support and assistance of IBC*L, Maya India and Kochi International Business School (KiBS), with the latter serving as the training and exam centre for IBC*L in India.

Mr. Stefan Lang, a Master’s student in International Management from Austria led the pilot project and also served as the teacher for the pilot IBC*L program. The teaching component of the IBC*L program started on 13th September, 2009 and entailed 24 hours of face-to-face teaching. Classes were scheduled on weekends to accommodate the students’ existing school commitments, and the students also received study manuals containing information and preparatory exercises on each topic area. At the end of the training period, the students became eligible to sit the 2 hours IBC*L certification exam.

The IBC*L program is as comprehensive as it is intensive; however, unlike other short programs of this nature, IBC*L certification demands that students clearly demonstrate the knowledge they have acquired during the preparatory course, meaning that a 75% exam score is required to secure a passing grade.

Given that the first exam has taken place, the pilot project has officially ended. We now look forward to the opportunity to welcome other European lecturers who will be responsible for preparing students to successfully obtain IBC*L certification through KiBS in 2010.