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Mrs. Usha Chopra
Mrs. Usha Chopra
As India marches into the new millennium, the world’s eyes are upon her. For India to progress, prosper and be a world leader in the 21st century, we must aggressively address the challenges of the rapidly changing world. The biggest challenge we face is providing education to all citizens to ensure that the process of progress and advancement doesn’t stop. Education therefore assumes an even more vital and critical role than ever before as it empowers one for life – giving intellectual competence, mental agility, emotional strength and spiritual realization.

With that as the focal point the New Era organization ventures into the field of higher education with the establishment of the New Era Institute of Professional Studies. The New Era name has been associated with providing quality school education for the past 50 years, evolving with passing time sculpting young minds into complete individuals. New Era has now taken a giant step forward and seeks to establish itself on a higher platform by creating leaders and professionals for business world by establishing the New Era Institute of Professional Studies.