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NH School of Management & Technology (NHSMT), Bangalore

NH School of Management & Technology (NHSMT), Bangalore

About NH School of Management & Technology (NHSMT) NH School of Management & Technology (NHSMT) is a part of Networkers Home group of companies. Networkers Home, headed by its founder & CEO, Mr. Vikas Swami, is now the best CISCO training provider in the world. It is based on the vision of its founder and management team, comprising IIM alumni who share a passion and deep desire to improve the standards of management education in our country at all levels. NHSMT offers professional undergraduate and postgraduate courses in business management with super specializations in Cloud Computing, Mobile Apps and Online Marketing. It runs on the simple philosophy of innovative learning, and providing the students with the best of educational tools and an amicable learning environment. We at NHSMT are here to change the landscape of professional education and we intend to do so by providing the students, an excellent learning...
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Sarita  Kumari
Sarita Kumari, Manager Marketing And Sales
• Find a job you can like or enjoy, doing work that challenges you and plays to your strengths. • Be willing to adapt and change if needed. Things won’t always go your way or the way you expected them to go. • Speak up and express your thoughts and ideas clearly, directly, honestly, and with respect for others and for the work of the team. • Be committed and enthusiastic about work. Always be ready to undertake anything at any time even to the extent of outside working hours.
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