siliconindiaPUBLISHED SINCE 1997BUSINESS & TECHNoLogy IN THE U.S. & INDIANoVEMBER- 2013SILICoNINDIA.CoMCompany of the MonthArun Kanchi, President & CEo, ExafortRadiant Systems: LeveRaging Upon paSt expeRienCe to SeCURe SUCCeSS in the FUtURetargetRecruit: pRepaRed to beCoMe the gLobaL StaFFing pLatFoRM - oF - ChoiCeappdynamics: bUiLding the next gReatSoFtwaRe CoMpany$5Venu Myneni, CEo, Radiant SystemsReena gupta, Founder & CEo, TargetRecruitJyoti Bansal, CEo, AppDynamics 2013Top 100 Tech Companies Founded and Managed by Indians in the U.S.
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