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Friday, September 1, 2006
Headcount: 300

A good candidate is someone who can resolve any problem without getting paranoid about the end results. He should be innovative and a constant learner. Translating those ideas into action and the ability to convince others on the same are the characteristics I appreciate in a candidate. I discourage the job-hopping phenomenon and as a policy never recruit persons who quit a job within a year.

I also look out for enthusiastic self-starters. Generally, I am impressed when candidates relate to their experience and technical skills while communicating with clients. Firing questions to see their reactions helps gauge their behavioral patterns.

Once I interviewed a candidate for a senior tech leader’s position. He was experienced and during the interview he proved to be an innovator of ideas, as he came up with some excellent ones. We hired him and his performance has been laudable. “Any interview takes a course by the kind of attitude the candidate portrays. When required he should also exhibit leadership qualities. For me, it is important for a candidate to be a team player and exhibit team-building expertise. I once hired a candidate who was very self-focused but did not care much about the progress of the team as a whole. As he was in a senior position his prime duty was to mentor others and unite the team. Being in a senior position you just can’t afford to be self-centric. He was later asked to quit, as his performance was unfavorable.”

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