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Sun Microsystems Launches ‘Open Innovation Portal’
Shoukath Koduvally
Friday, February 27, 2009
Innovation takes birth where thoughts break barriers to amalgamate different views. New thoughts and ideas are always welcome and are worthwhile to bring out cutting edge technologies. Setting an agenda to foster the development of participative innovation in society and to help transition the economy into an innovation economy, Sun Microsystems has launched an 'Open Innovation Portal' at the Center for Excellence in e-governance, Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi. The initiative is in collaboration with Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi and Knowledge Commons.

"The innovation portal allows for collaboration between members of a society to foster innovation. The growth in the network economy is fueled by sharing and collaboration among communities interconnected by technology and driven by purpose. Sun also believes that sharing and collaboration in the Participation Age will stimulate innovation to help all participants from across the world grow and prosper," says Joe Hartley, VP of Global Education, Government and Healthcare, Sun Microsystems.

Through the new portal www.innovationcommons.org, innovators from the scientific community, student community, and from all walks of life will be able to publish their innovations with no IPR encumbrances. It will also help others to add open innovations that have been published online, thus enabling the process of participative innovation.

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