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Skava Redefining E-commerce Strategies
SI Team
Friday, November 2, 2012
Initiated with a goal to help brands and retailers conquer the complexity created by the rapid on-going evolution of the digital media landscape, the foundation of Skava was laid in the year 2002. Skava is a provider of mobile and multi-touch point solutions . Every day over 20 percent of the Top 30 Internet Retailers in the U.S .access the Skava platform and this trend is set to continue.

The Skava suite converts e-commerce platforms across mobile web, tablet, Facebook and in-store technologies into more easy to manipulate entities. The company has been building multiple apps and its mobile websites have been nominated for prestigious awards including the Webbys and Meffys. The first retail site fully optimized for tablet (t.staples.com) was built by Skava.
“The enhanced E-Commerce campaigns are Skava hosted campaigns that can be embedded in a retailer's main desktop website through quick "iframe" integration. This empowers the retailer's Marketing Departments to quickly execute exciting interactive campaigns without using up precious internal IT resources,” says Arish Ali, CEO, Skava.

Broadly speaking Skava provides an omni – commerce platform called Skava-ONE which was transformed from the standard e-commerce marketing strategies. Skava-ONE recognizes e-commerce as a combination of social networking, mobile/apps/SMS, iPad/tablets users and micro-kiosks. The client’s website is then differently designed for each sub category and marketed separately, eventually leading to a wider reach and better sales outcome. Under Mobile commerce the company offers an alternative from "cookie-cutter" template based mobile websites to customized, feature-rich mobile websites that truly reflects the customer’s brand. Mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, HP WebOS and Mobile Sitelets, Mobile SMS are the other services offered.

The Facebook-Commerce option allows clients to choose between Full shop and mini shop which replicates the full website or selected product portfolio respectively. With traditional websites not optimized for the "thick finger, lean back, living room" browsing experience, Skava offers help to retailers to optimize websites and improve the user experience, ultimately achieving a higher site conversion.

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