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December - 2013 - issue > Startup of the Year: Cloud Computing
ScaleXtreme The Cloud and its Infrastructure Management on a Single Platform
Pankaj Kundwani
Wednesday, December 4, 2013
In today's highly heterogeneous IT environments in which the enterprises thrive, Machine- and user-generated data is rapidly growing and dealing with big data is becoming a major defy across all industries. The organizations are looking for a simple and unified platform to trim down systems management burden on IT and accelerate the provisioning of new cloud services for end users. The growing popularity of cloud based applications is driving businesses to spread computing across a number of platforms and locations rather than a single set of systems in one place. With all these to confront, California based ScaleXtreme provides enterprise-class powerful, cloud- based server automation solutions for the modern distributed datacenter for automating the delivery and management of IT services, applications, and server infrastructure across multiple public and private clouds.
Founders of ScaleXtreme, CEO Nand Mulchandani, and CTO Balaji Srinivasa, realized that the very products that were intended to help companies manage their infrastructure were turning management nightmares themselves- expensive, complex, and hard to scale. The customers were not able to take advantage of modern tools and techniques to manage their increasingly complex and fast-changing IT infrastructure. Keeping this as a base, ScaleXtreme was started to give customers a new and better way to manage cloud applications, services and the underlying infrastructure. The company has a long history of building enterprise software, including some of the most successful and widely-deployed systems management and datacenter automation products in the market.
Founded in 2010, ScaleXtreme provides a unique span of capabilities enabling the creation, deployment and management of enterprise cloud applications across private, public and hybrid cloud environments, It also provides autoscaling capability of cloud applications across clouds and enforcing access control, governance, and compliance to multiple cloud environments, It aims at empowering business users with self-service access to enterprise cloud applications and services on demand and also offers server management capabilities such as monitoring, patch management, provisioning and automation to give customers the broadest set of server, application and service management capabilities in a single platform.

Wide-ranging Solutions on a Single Platform
ScaleXtreme provides a rich, flexible product that can help to solve numerous customer problems without needing custom development or implementation support. The Cloud Management Platform encompasses an all-inclusive set of products to cater for all aspects of server and cloud management. The company's platform includes Interface and integration components, Application components and Core components that helps accessing management tools through any browser and any device, delivers features and functions needed for day-to-day cloud and aids server driving automation, monitoring and role based access throughout.
Patch management is another outstanding cloud based product with a knack to distinguish which cloud and on-premise servers require patching and accordingly help automate remediation. It facilitates instant deployment of patches and updates it to the organization's Windows and Linux servers taking away the need for manually keeping track and patching the servers

Serving Enterprises of All Sizes
The organization aims to help world's largest enterprises, to small start-ups with big ambitions. For an instance, ScaleXtreme helped a leading household and commercial insurance company to reduce running costs and improve speed of deployment. At peak periods, the system was unable to process all web visitors' online applications, causing the company to lose customers and underutilization of capacity in slower points in the year. Using ScaleXtreme's Cloud management tools they are able to monitor applications to continuously check the queue length of applications to trigger when new processing capacity is required, new applications are automatically provisioned at their cloud provider. Similarly the capacity automatically scales down as the demand goes down, they have also been able to attract and retain their customers and lower annual operating costs on this single application by about $750k. From managing existing underlying server infrastructure, to automatically provisioning new cloud applications, and just about everything in between, ScaleXtreme provides cloud management solutions to organizations of all sizes. Backed by Accel Partners and Ignition Partners, the company manages mission-critical applications of customers including category-leading global 500 enterprises.
ScaleXtreme has recently announced general availability of its new Advanced Cloud Management product, including a new workflow and orchestration system, autoscaling, multi-cloud management capabilities, and rich cloud access control. With thousands of customers using the product across the world, the company has a pretty good idea of general issues causing most problems using the product. Intending to help customers facing trouble with getting the product to work, the organization offers far-reaching support and has developed extensive documentation to answer customer queries ranging from Server and Cloud management, Application monitoring, patch/ update management and many others. ScaleXtreme aims at bridging gap between legacy and cloud-based applications deployments. It enables enterprises in transition from an IT landscape of virtualized servers to the one where applications are efficiently deployed across multiple clouds harnessing the benefits of cloud-based architectures.

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