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Preact raises $7 million funding
SI Team
Friday, August 7, 2015
Preact Inc, the cloud-based customer success service provider based in California filed form D for raising $7 million in equity financing. Through this filing, Preact would be able to raise $7 million. Form D disclosures are normally used to track and understand ones competitor better. The information carried in Form D is highly of confidential nature. Hence, ventures and startups rarely open up about the contents the logic being that it specifies the amount raised or the amount which is being planned to be raised. But through the signing of Form D, it has only come as a shot in the arm for the company. For starters it helps to attract potential customers who will safer to deal with firms who are well financed. Further it also helps to attract venture capitalists, funds, angel investors.

Founded in 2012, Preact helps its customers by maximizing customer lifetime value by shortening churn, acquiring newer customers and driving upsells. The company offers health metrics which are configured to individual users. The company’s solutions track down web, mobile applications session usage and server activities. Preact also offers real time visibility to improve customer support and product quality.

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