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Tuesday, August 1, 2006
Moving Ahead: Rangu Salgame
Ex-President Cisco Systems, India

Ranganath Salgame, the face of Cisco India and SAARC, has left the company after being in the saddle for three years.
Rangu, as he’s popularly known, helped build Cisco into a strong, customer focused organization. Cisco strengthened under his baton.

Daring to dream big, this visionary and bright strategist lent top most priority to satisfying the customer.

Last year, speaking to a group publication of The SmartTechie, Rangu said that a strong foundation, the correct leadership and a focused leadership were his mantras to build a successful organization.

Before joining Cisco, Rangu spent about four years advising and managing venture capital backed companies. He was also the president and CEO of Edgix, and senior executive with Verizon Communications.

David Caspari, Cisco’s vice-president of Service Provider Operations, Asia Pacific will become the acting president of Cisco India, till a replacement is found.

Bristlecone’s new boss: Ashok Santhanam President and CEO, Bristlecone Inc.

His philosophy is to ‘enjoy work without treating it as a chore.’ “Your success is the joy you have while working towards it,” says Ashok Santhanam, the new CEO and President of Bristlecone, a business process and technology-consulting firm. With over 25 years of experience in technology products and services industry, Santhanam has taken over the responsibilities from Padman Ramankutty, Founder and CEO of Bristlecone.

Propounding a philosophy of “Treat people the way you like to be treated,” this IITian and MBA graduate from Harvard led his own consulting services company prior to Bristlecone. Instrumental in Bristlecone’s acquisition by Mahindra Consulting, Santhanam believes “this combination has a great potential.” A global business process and enterprise technology-consulting firm, Bristlecone is Santhanam’s latest managerial venture after founding several services companies.
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