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June - 2008 - issue > Movers and Shakers
Obsessed with Achieving Goals
Vimali Swamy
Friday, May 30, 2008
With over 27 years of extensive experience and knowledge spanning areas of software engineering, business expansion, and operational leadership, Munindra Kumar Bharatee has recently taken over as the MD of Serena Software. He started his career way back in 1981 as a software developer with DDEORG. After 17 years of coding and programming, Bharatee happened to move from software development to sales. He became the regional manager for the company and then moved to Rational Software as the Country Manager heading sales operations. Though IBM later acquired Rational Software, he continued to head the sales operations for Rational’s product portfolio until he joined Serena Software.

A determined person obsessed with achieving his goals, Bharatee’s biggest challenge in his current role is gaining a major user market share for the company’s solutions. He believes that a good leader is one who leads by example. “Leadership is something you can demonstrate. You have to do things right if you want people to be inspired by you,” says Bharatee. Apart from work, he enjoys traveling with family and spending time with his dogs. He is also actively involved in social and cultural activities.

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