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NimbleCommerce Enabling Deal Makers Nimbly
SI Team
Tuesday, May 1, 2012
Digital media marketing is undergoing a dramatic change. Traditional digital marketing — display ads and banner ads on specific websites — is not enough. The customer interaction or impact of these mediums is no better than traditional print mediums. Today, mediums are required that empower brands to genuinely connect with customers via content. This is why daily deal websites, or coupon websites, are becoming a big hit with advertisers. They provide great products from multiple brands to customers at unbeatable prices, while at the same time providing companies with an unmatchable medium for marketing their products. Putting together all the ingredients to make this work is a tall order. This is where NimbleCommerce comes in.

NimbleCommerce was started in 2008 by Prashant Nedungadi, an industry veteran with over 21 years of experience, of which 15 years were spent in ecommerce and online retail. As CEO of the company, he has been instrumental in guiding the direction of NimbleCommerce's local marketing platform. This Santa Clara-based company has created a robust and feature-rich e-commerce platform and deal network that enables any media company or brand to quickly launch a deals program. More important, NimbleCommerce also works with some of the largest publishers in the world to create new transactional opportunities through mobile, search, and the power of social networks. Their publisher network helps local advertisers target offers to the right consumer anywhere in the network.

"Fundamentally, our business is about allowing publishers to connect their advertisers and consumers in a much more targeted way, and to power ecommerce as part of their product line," says Nedugandi. The solutions NimbleCommerce offers include a deal platform, sourcing network, syndication program, and an affiliate program. NimbleCommerce publishers get a branded deal site with design tools, powerful marketing and targeting tools, an email system, an intuitive dashboard for managing deals, and sophisticated administration tools. The sourcing network gives access to thousands of quality deals, whereas the syndication program helps reach a larger customer pool and increase revenues. The company not only provides the platform but also the analytics as well. It knows who bought what product of which brand at what time - information that can come in handy for publishers to continually improve their results. These complete offerings have helped the company establish an undeniably large foothold in the industry. "We are around ten times bigger than our nearest competitor," says Nedugandi. "And this is directly related to the product range and our SaaS-based model."

NimbleCommerce powers over 100 customers in 12 countries around the globe and is expanding rapidly. Some of the largest publishers in the world including GolfNow, YellowPages Canada, Mecom (SweetDeal) Europe, Guardian, Trinity Mirror, Digital First USA and Tuango Canada work with the company. As of now, the company is reigning as the crown prince of the industry and is focusing on further global expansion. The demand for its services is high, and NimbleCommerce is poised to achieve worldwide success.

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