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March - 2008 - issue > CEO Spot Light
Moving ahead with real passion
Jayakishore Bayadi
Monday, March 3, 2008
This is the epoch of competition. In the services space nowadays every vendor is looking for innovative ways to vend his offerings. While doing so, some companies compromise on quality and bring out cheap solutions to woo customers. Some stay put with the quality mantra with a high price tagged on it. In each case, both the customer and the vendor may stand losers. What should be the selling point then?

Real Soft’s unique strength is in providing quality products without any compromise on cost savings. Real Soft offers solutions on the basis of total yield rather than focusing on per hour cost. For instance, the time taken for a vendor to deliver particular solution/ product may depend on the methods he adapts and maturity of the delivery team. If a vendor charges, say, $10 per hour, and delivers the solution in five hours, another vendor may do it within three hours by charging, say, $2 more per hour. In essence, total productivity per se, the latter’s is the best yield from the customer’s perspective, and of higher quality that is a direct derivative of the team’s overall maturity. Real soft is doing exactly that. “We will never get into the price war with our competitors by compromising on quality. Efficiency and productivity are our best tools,” claims Ashish Das, Executive Vice President, Real Soft.

The working model
The sole competitive advantage of Real Soft is its distinctive combination of expertise in the multiple domains and technologies to address discerning customers’ needs and build unique ‘business intelligence’ products. Further, RealSoft’s ‘SmartSourcing’ model blends onsite, offsite and offshore capabilities to maximize the cost savings.
Thus, the rare ‘real’ factor on which the company is leveraging on is its operational model which has both product and application services combined. “Sometimes we do customized product sales to our customers; we also do software services where our product competencies fit into our customer’s working model to provide overall effective solutions,” explains P.S. Hariharan, CTO, Real Soft.

In Real Soft you can be extremely creative in doing what you do or wish to do! Surprised? Its employee centric stable working environment helps employees to choose their career path and even geographical area. The intriguing fact is that here the customers also have the knowledge of who’s doing what in the company, and have a chance to approach the person concerned directly. For RealSoft, employees are the biggest brand ambassadors. Grippingly, the company’s average experience level per employee is several years above most others in the industry.

“Perhaps, that is why it’s hard to identify competitors who have working models even remotely comparable to ours. The type of partnerships we have; the range of products we develop; and the level of maturity we have are unparalleled,” notes Ashish.

Going forward, the company is planning to tap market segment targeting mid-size product development companies in the U.S. who can benefit from a team in India. It is also targeting companies with sound business model, especially those who have not been able to explore India-based delivery model on their own yet. RealSoft has new initiatives to expand it’s presence in India with a promise to deliver services that can satisfy the demanding global customer base in terms of relationship, innovative solutions, optimal cost, speed, flexibility, customer-service focus and legal reference framework.

However, the company is fully aware that the entire journey will not be a rosy one. It is working hard on ameliorating its current working model so that scalability of the model is sustainable in the long run as well. Also, tackling the phenomenon of rupee appreciation and tapping the right talent are crucial challenges ahead. “Probably, sustaining the present working model is a challenging task in the current competitive milieu. We are working on it, and have been quite successful so far. We are also recruiting some more talented individuals to our senior management team to help us grow,” asserts Ashish. Real Soft promises to deliver on its customers, and along the way, create a very satisfied and talented global workforce.

RealSoft Inc
Established: 1991
Space: Software Solutions, Products, IVR, Speech
Industries: Financial, Telecom, Pharma, Retail, Government, Contact Centers
Services: Enterprise Technology Solutions, Speech Enterprise Solutions
Corporate office: Cranbury, New Jersey, USA
India operations: Started 2000
India Center: Bangalore
Certification: ISO 9001:2000, SEI CMM
Level 4
Head count: 500+ (Global)
Web site: www.realsoftinc.com

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