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Moving Ahead
Sriparna Chakraborty
Tuesday, May 1, 2007
Increasing Juniper Networks’ customers’ return on investments is the current focus of Diwakar Dayal, who is appointed as the new manager of emerging technologies.

As manager for advanced technologies for India, Dayal was responsible for driving the companies emerging technology sales activities in India, including technical operations and business development. Also, to serve the growing interests in the Indian market for branch office solutions that combines protection from threats with strong networking capabilities. Citing the enormous initiatives that Juniper has, Dayal says, their aim is to motivate, support and engage them into special training processes, which is crucial in strengthening the company’s position in the India market.

The team for advanced technologies pioneers technology solutions such as application acceleration, network access control and intrusion detection and prevention technologies.
Dayal’s role in Juniper involves in taking these product to the end customers. Coming from a technology background he faced the challenges of proving his management skills, but over time this combination of technology and management proved in his favour.

Dayal formerly held business development roles with Datacraft India, where he was instrumental in growing the security products, consulting and managed services business groups. He was also with Verisign and Wipro Net, where he held sales and pre-sales roles and worked with corporate clients such as Wipro, Infosys and Mphasis.

An ardent fan of non-fiction books, Dayal says that these works motivate his thinking abilities. At the moment he faces the challenge of conveying his message to marketing, sales and channel partners to achieve the end objective.

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