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September - 2009 - issue > CEO Spot Light
Mobile Video Overcoming Fragmentation issue is Important
Dr. Nickhil Jakatdar
Tuesday, September 1, 2009
Mobile video players, large and small, are currently in a pitched battle to replicate the success of online video in the mobile space. Indeed, the mobile video space – whether it be user-generated-content or premium content – is exploding as the amount of content being uploaded to the Web is increasing at a frenzied clip (estimates just for You Tube are that there is 20 hours of video being uploaded every minute). What makes this so challenging is the vastly different nature of the online video platform, which is essentially uniform, from the mobile platform, which is almost completely fragmented – across handsets, operating systems, networks and now, even “app stores.” More than any other factor, fragmentation has been a barrier to the adoption of mobile video, and success in the mobile video space will be defined by those that can overcome the fragmentation problem and find a quick path to monetization.

We belive an “on the fly” mobile video transcoding approach, along with the ability to use the native browser and media player of the individual device, is the best answer to solving the fragmentation problem. Together, they eliminate a significant barrier to adoption, both on feature phones as well as smart phones. Content is then limited only by what can be indexed on the Web and there would be no need to pre-encode or store any videos, thereby making it practical to keep up with the exploding amount of new devices added weekly and new content uploaded daily.

As for monetization, in-video advertising is going to be key. And make no mistake that the mobile video platform offers an exceedingly rich potential for monetization of video since the mobile phone offers the potential for very specific ad targeting–whether it be demographic, geographic or by interest. A dynamic mobile video ad-stitching engine will enable taking advantage of these ad-targeting opportunities.

Dr. Nickhil Jakatdar is CEO of Vuclip. Vuclip is a mobile video search portal, which allows users access any videos in the web on mobile. The company is based in Milpitas, CA
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