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July - 2008 - issue > Tech Product
Vimali Swamy
Thursday, July 3, 2008
Injoos.com, a site for online groups did it's Alpha launch on June 5th. It addresses the need for a group platform - simple setup, single login, strong privacy controls, rich multimedia information sharing and powerful interactivity.

Injoos has:
/One login/ to connect to the multiple groups a person belongs to, while preserving his/her privacy and identity in each.

/One view/ to break down the information overload faced today into what's relevant, what's popular and what's not, helping one keep up with key information from all the groups.

/One space/ to contain all of the group's activities - ideas and stories in text, pictures, links and videos; events planned, issues discussed, a multimedia document library holding the group's files and collected wisdom, and interactions through voting, comments, polls and messages.

Injoos is free to use, so you can get your group started today.
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