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iPOTT launches group of companies
ST Team
Sunday, December 7, 2008
iPOTT Softech Services

" Champions of Change"
Born in an IT DOES MATTER scenario with an ambitious destination to 'create a change'. Our vision is to diminish the digital divide by providing IT solutions, propagating IT deployment, providing virtual IT support disseminating focused trainings.

We aim to promulgate the benefits of using Information Technology to SMEs. We analyze digitization needs, revamp business processes & provide requisite system Training. We endeavor to introduce some well developed, easily adaptable, customizable and cost effective - Integrated Business Solutions - for Small and Mid Sized Enterprises. In today's multi complex IT environment we offer packaged oracle and database support services.

To know more log on to www.ipott.in

iPOTT Softech India Private Limited

" Born with a Vision to be the Largest Source of Software and Software Information "
iPOTT is a Software Search Company. It is a web based information centre for all software developed across the world. The user friendly website enables users to 'quickly & effectively' access information, download free trials and buy software online.

It does not matter if your software is a huge application or a small tool. It does not matter if your application costs $1.00 or $100,000.00. You can display your software on our site. Your software information will get listed under a particular category. We currently have over 4500 software grouped in 103 categories.

You will have to register your company first. Registration is a simple process which captures your details on iPOTT. After registration you will be able to add software on iPOTT. There is no limit to the number of software you can add.

Our very special UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION will help you get leads from prospective 'Buyer'. You can list niceties about your software, can display screen shots, can upload brochures and propagate your popularity & clientèle. You will get instantaneous information when a prospective 'Buyer' looks into your product.

To know more log on to www.ipott.com

iPOTT Knowledge Ventures

" If you have knowledge, allow others to light the candles."

!KV (iPOTT Knowledge Ventures) is all about knowledge sharing. Share for the benefit of others. We have limitation set, on the sharing, its all about IT. Sharing can be in the form of contents, pictures, videos, audios etc., if the sharing is of great value, benefit is derived by the user, it is likely to have a financial implication, then there is a possibility that the sharing also bring monitory returns to the 'creator'. We would love to get so much of writing on the wall that the wall falls down.

!KV is the knowledge base for information on software and other software related areas. We provide Intellectual services in the area of IP Evaluation, Trademark Name and Logo, Copyright etc.,

To know more log on to www.ipott.info

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