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March - 2012 - issue > CEO Spotlight
Global Expansion is a the Order of the Day
Ragu Bhargava
CEO-Global Upside, Inc.
Sunday, March 4, 2012
Today, companies expand internationally much earlier in their life than they used to. Many more industry verticals are global today than ever before. The Internet makes it easy to reach markets in distant parts of the world, so if a company has a good product, it is much easier to sell it all over the world. However, global sales require more manpower than traditional local or national sales. To sell in a foreign country, a company needs people to handle the regulatory, infrastructure, and accounting issues and this makes outsourcing increasingly popular. For a company to sell in ten or twenty different markets, it is not cost-effective, or, perhaps, even physically possible, to recruit the local expertise and support local operations in all those markets at the speed of business. The best solution is to outsource those needs and services to a specialist firm like ours, with experience and expertise in doing business in those markets.

Outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular with companies. We focus on the finance and accounting area, but there are others who focus on recruitment services, staff management, product design and IT. And of course outsourced manufacturing is widespread and continuing to grow. Today, when we think of an industry, we rarely think of one company that can fulfill all of its customers’ needs. Even with giant companies like IBM or Oracle rely on an ecosystem of companies to provide the full package that makes their technology useful and valuable.

The outsourcing business is becoming larger and more competitive than ever before, thus entrepreneurs need to stay on top of their games. It used to be all about price in this business, but now it is not enough to offer services at competitive rates. An outsourcing specialist needs to differentiate itself on other parameters and we have chosen quality as our key differentiator. Consistent high quality is not that easy to achieve or to maintain and to make sure we achieve this every time, we have put systems, processes, and people in the right places. I take a strong personal interest in making sure that our quality standards are maintained. In the 13 years of our operating history, we have never lost a client because of quality issues, and I am determined to maintain that track record. We operate in more than 30 countries now and in every single one of these markets, we also provide personal customer service. This has been very successful for us. With new clients frequently finding that they have had a bad experience with one of our competitors, where the price offer may have been attractive but the entire relationship and experience very frustrating things would go wrong. When the mistakes eventually surfaced and had to be fixed, and when they asked why this happened, they found it hard to get answers to their questions. We offer highly personal service to every one of our customers, and very timely and responsive service. Once our customers experience the Global Upside way of doing business, we win a lot of loyalty.

Global Upside is a finance and accounting services specialist with expertise in all aspects of finance, ranging from large-volume transaction processing to strategic and technical accounting issues. The company offers their clients scalable, cost-effective resources that execute their finance functions efficiently and accurately.

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