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December - 2013 - issue > CEO Spotlight
Entrepreneurs Must Break Through the noise
Sheeroy Desai
Co-Founder & CEO-Gild Inc
Tuesday, December 3, 2013
Based in San Francisco and with offices in Salt Lake City and Milan, Gild Inc. is the provider of a platform that helps companies hire skilled developers by ensuring that candidates stand out on their proven abilities. The company has raised a total funding of $12.7 million from Baseline Ventures, SAP Ventures, Globespan Capital Partners, Mark Kvamme, TMT and Correlation Ventures.

The hot trends in the industry will remain consistent as we move into the New Year. For instance, innovations in the mobile space will
continue to disrupt how people do business and consumers live life. Big Data, which is an interesting trend, will transform every facet of life from education to healthcare to commerce.
The fact is the quantity of data in the world is doubling roughly every 18 months. Currently there is a lot of misunderstanding about Big Data. In 2014, we will see a greater reliance on
machine learning; a concept originally introduced in the 1980; to help us make sense of the data.

The convergence of consumer and mobile technologies has created a dramatic change in the physical workplace. The most progressive
companies are redesigning work processes by changing the way they handle functions ranging from HR to customer service to sales and marketing to IT. This redesigned workplace results in happier employees which ultimately equates to greater efficiency and productivity
across the entire organization. Looking at the consumer side of the market, the whole retail experience is also going through a major evolution. We are seeing innovations in the way
people book travel, reserve a taxi, order food. Even grocery shopping is going through a break-through change through the use of sensors. It is all about connecting people and information and more importantly interpreting and using that information to make the world a better place. The other thing is the adoption of technologies already proven in the consumer space within the enterprise. The adoption of mobile devices has enabled workers to work in a comfortable and productive way. Beyond nice mobile applications,
greater use of machine learning in the enterprise may be seen leveraging Big Data to work smarter.

Mantra for entrepreneurial Success

The biggest challenge entrepreneurs face today is noise. It is really tough to break through the noise. Everyone is working on the next "big" thing. The question is how do you get in front of your end market when that market is already being hit from every side? Entrepreneurs tend to focus exclusively on product development,funding and often forget the need to tap into channels that can help them create awareness among their end market. Things like marketing and public relations touch the physical world. It is not enough to simply come up with the next big idea but to figure out how to get that big idea to market.

Another challenge entrepreneurs face today is finding the right talent.With so many companies getting funding today, finding and hiring the
right talent is a growing problem. Increasingly we are seeing companies with fewer than 50 employees hiring a dispersed workforce drawing
from a global talent pool. While this model can work early on, it can pose challenges as the company grows.
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