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Connectbeam announces Series A funding
si Team
Wednesday, August 1, 2007
Led by Gabriel Ventures and Startup Capital Ventures, Puneet Gupta founded Connect beam closed its series A funding of $3.5 million. The company intends to use the fund to better serve their customers and increase the pace of bringing new and innovative products to market.

Founded in December 2005, Connectbeam provides enterprise software for the global business environment of the 21st century. The company brings ‘Web 2.0’ information-sharing, collaboration, and ease of use of sites like MySpace and del.icio.us to the daily work-flow of enterprise employees.

It helps companies boost innovation, improve decisions, intensify collaboration, and build critical stakeholder relationships. Connectbeam social software for business provides a corporate focused product that includes support for social bookmarking, social networking, live profiles, project spaces and intranet search integration.

The company originated as a system for students that evolved into Connectbeam after a number of corporate and academic vendors expressed interest in putting the system to use in their respective businesses.

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