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June - 2011 - issue > Company Spotlight
Beyond Codes Making Sales Happen!
Vimali Swamy
Monday, June 6, 2011
Lead generation is one of the biggest challenges for businesses today. Research shows that, as industry becomes more competitive, the need to generate high quality leads becomes critical for maintaining sales growth, profitability and continuous flow of new clients. Founded in 2008, Los Angeles, California, headquartered Beyond Codes is helping companies address this challenge and go one step beyond by providing real warm and hot leads based by research on the clients market focus and offerings and observing potential clientele for the same.

Contrary to the traditional solutions that just stop at generating leads which in most cases are not very accurate, Beyond Codes adds a humane touch to the entire process. Right from understanding a client business and its offerings to doing an in depth research such as working on collaterals/ artifacts/ presentations and analysis of identifying potential customers for them, finding the right person of contact to setting up an appointment, the company does it all. The company also shares the entire research report with its clients which is very helpful when the Sales rep meet the end client) The company provides end to end solutions to startups, mid-cap ventures and large enterprises across verticals like High Tech, Insurance, Banking and Financial Services, Energy, Manufacturing, Telecom, Healthcare, Government, and Retail. “Our offerings include Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Mapping of Clients, Research Documents and Database Building. While traditional players offer solutions that stop with just generating a lead and passing it to the sales team, Beyond Codes goes one step further by setting up a meeting between the concerned parties,” says Gaurav Kumar, Founder & CEO, Beyond Codes. Since it has a strong understanding of the the pain areas and industry challenges its clients face, the approach to identify leads is different. Instead of ‘cold-calling’ where traditional players delve into making several hundred calls a day and trying to find a suitable lead, Beyond Codes believes in ‘Smart Calling’ where the team makes not more than 30-40 calls a day but every single call made to companies is backed by intensive research on the company.

“We prefer to pass on a confirmed lead to the client rather than just a vaguely qualified lead. This has helped our clients to focus solely on the implementation & delivery of the order, while we take charge of the marketing and warm/ hot lead generation activities,” says Kumar. “We follow up our relationships even after sale with our feedback forms and research tracking / industry and company regular updates, continue to strengthen our relationship with the clients and even grow the account to next level for larger business,” adds he.

With a clientele of varied size — startups, SMEs and large enterprises, the company has established three engagement models for them to choose from - Retainership Model, Success based model, and Retainership Success based Model.

In Retainership Model a fixed fee is paid every month and fixed number of leads is generated. The clients have options to cherry pick the right number of leads package/month for themselves. Cost per lead comes out to be the lowest in this model. “We believe in ’Value for Money’ and it is the right model for small companies and start-ups,” says Kumar.

Retainership + Success Based Model is where 50 percent of the fee is charged as retainership and rest is success based. It is a hybrid model and most common model among the clients. This model is apt for SME segment.

In Success Based Model, a nominal one time set up fee is charged and after which it is only success based model. A client pays only for the meetings fixed and no retainership every month .Cost per lead is comparatively higher in this model but works out best for large companies.

In the last few years the company has received enormous response from the industry and has witnessed a multifold increase in its clientele. They presently work with over 50 clients that include nine of the top 15 Indian IT, BPO, KPO, ITeS companies and over 30 U.S. based companies. In the next few years it plans to acquire Top 50 Indian and U.S. IT, ITeS, BPO, KPO companies as their clients and grow the team size to over 100. The company also has plans in near future to develop a training center in India for research and developing efficient world class Lead Generators and expand their offerings to Strategic Sales Consulting for SME sector. Having set up a strong operations and understanding of the North American Market, the company soon plans to enter the European and APAC market with offices in London and India respectively to cater to each region. Further more, in order to accelerate its ex isting services/solutions, Beyond Codes is also looking at acquisition of small lead generation companies in India and U.S. Despite being a young company it has already left many of its competitors trailing behind and is confident to emerge as the leading player in this space in the coming years.

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