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Aurigo Software bags $6.3 Million Funding
SI Team
Tuesday, December 3, 2013
Aurigo Software Technologies Inc. has received $6.3 million as funds from four investors including venture capital firm and angel investors. "The capital will be used for product development and marketing. Investors include
venture capital firms and angel investors," said Balaji Sreenivasan, CEO, Aurigo Software Technologies Inc. The company is a provider of
capital planning and project portfolio management software, with plans to use the capital for product development and
marketing. Aurigo, which was founded in 2003, develops a suite of business automation tools for capital planning, property management, capital project management, and collaboration and document management. Major agencies across the globe use Aurigo, to plan, manage and deliver hundreds of billions of dollars' worth of capital programs.

Masterworks, the flagship product of Aurigo, is a leading capital planning and project portfolio management system that helps cities, counties, DOTs and other owners around the world to plan, manage and deliver over $100 billion worth capital programs. The company offers another cloud based product suite called Projectworks, which is used by document controllers and project owners to collaborate, communicate and share documents effectively.

The Austin-based company is owned, managed and
funded by individuals and private equity companies with vast investment resources and a long history of experience in starting successful software companies and managing
software groups of large US corporations. The company stock is completely owned by the management and the founders of the company. Aurigo has established and expanded its corporate headquarters in North America at Austin, Texas, to keep pace with its growing traction and increased demand for its products and solutions in the US and Canada. Today, it
also operates offices in Canada and India. Aurigo, apart from its offices, has state-of-the-art Research & Development and support centers in the United States, Canada and India.
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