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August - 2006 - issue > Editor's Desk
Are you seeing GROWTH?
Pradeep Shankar
Tuesday, August 8, 2006
This month we feature US Technology Resources, a California-based IT and BPO services provider. What differentiates USTRI from the competition is its unique hybrid global sourcing and delivery. While Sajan Pillai, the company’s COO talks to us in detail about their customer intimacy model, it is very much noticeable that the company strives to create value beyond the contract for all its customers. No wonder, USTRI is taking pride in its high rate of growth in recent years.

Like USTRI, several companies in the U.S.—software products, IT Services, semiconductors—public and private companies included, are leveraging India by setting up their captive centers. Several of the Indian professionals working in the U.S. are heading back home to take up leadership positions in these firms. In this issue, we feature some of the professionals who have gone back to India in the recent past. All of those who we spoke to unanimously agree that at this point in time there can be no other place offers career growth opportunity as India. So if you are the one looking for career acceleration, India is where you need to be.

Speaking about growth on a different note, it seems the enterprise software world is struggling to find new areas of growth. However, Prasad Raje’s Instantis is looking at only one direction—it has seen remarkable growth in last two years. The company is itself in a sweet spot. It offers software to manage initiatives like Six Sigma, Lean, Operational Excellence, New Product Development and others. Aligning the initiative to meet strategic objectives and executing the entire initiative end-to-end is a humungous task. But Instantis’ software does it in a jiffy!

Whether it is an organization or an individual’s career, what matters is GROWTH. It helps one prepare for the uncertainty. Do let us know what you think.

Pradeep Shankar
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