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Add Fast Forward Follow the Crowd
si Team
Wednesday, March 18, 2009
BuzzBox’s first product is a FastForward button for your browser. Fast Forward is like following the crowds and not having to keep looking to where to go next. Press it on any webpage and be taken to the top page people went next after they visited the same page. As more content being created every second, trust the wisdom of the crowd with BuzzBox’s products and make surfing the Internet easier. As everyone shares everyone benefits. You always get something interesting based on the web page you are viewing. So if you are watching a YouTube video there is a high chance you’ll be taken to another video. If you on a sports site, you will most probably get more sports. Go to Flickr and see the pictures people are looking at. Go to Facebook and profile surf from one person to the next.

To make sharing user friendly, BuzzBox has an opt-in to share policy and doesn’t store any identifying information or even have a registration. Sharing requires no effort; it is passive, after downloading the FastForward button. BuzzBox makes surfing fun again.

Anurag (Anu) Nigam currently is the CEO, investor & founder of BuzzBox.com. A company he and 2 others are working on in their living rooms. Nigam is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He is an Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate from Carnegie Mellon University and has been part of 6 different startups. He was part of the founding teams & leading ASIC efforts at Cerent Corp (bought by Cisco) and Siara Systems (bought by Redback Networks). Nigam switched into the consumer Internet space and is an investor and founder of hi5.com, a profitable social networking site with over 50M users. He also started and invested in 411Sync, a mobile search platform.

Nigam is the Vice President of the Sand Hill Angels, an angel-investing group of 70 accredited investors. He also is on the Board of Directors of the Zero Divide Foundation and Friends of the Urban Forest.
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