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A Year of Hopes!
Christo Jacob
Wednesday, January 2, 2013
The current world is so agile that we can multi task and have wide access to the information stream. Mobile plays a wide role to this access in this century. For instance, the moment I last stopped peering into my Smartphone and was cut off from information stream is when it was drained out of battery charge. That’s the momentum mobile has created in this century and the enterprises, entrepreneurs and investors unanimously believe that there are lot more business models and inventions yet to arrive from the mobile space in 2013.

As per the analysts and entrepreneurs opinion, it’s not just the mobile, Cloud and Big Data is also joining the bandwagon and these technologies are expected to drive 90 percent of the IT growth from 2013 through 2020.

But what I have observed today is even though enterprises and entrepreneurs are aware of the trends and problems well in advance; there is not enough preparedness within the enterprises to imbibe these trends. The vast majority of problems individuals, organizations, and nations face are fully predictable, but we are all too focused on our current problems than solving tomorrow's predictable problems.

As mentioned earlier, big data is on a hockey stick growth and enterprises are witnessing this exploding data beneficial for their business. However, the fact is that many enterprises still do not have matured talent who can analyze voluminous and increasingly complex data to derive information that has significant business value. As per Gartner, big data demand will see 4.4 million related jobs created globally by 2015 but only one third of those jobs will be filled. Over the next 24 to 36 months the major challenge that organizations will face will be recruiting, retaining and developing people with advanced information management/analytics skills. These roles include data scientists, information leaders, data stewards, chief data officers and information architects. Moreover the cloud intelligence will evolve into becoming an active resource in our daily lives, providing analysis and contextual advice.

For entrepreneurs, these technologies will welcome more of investments from Venture Capitalists. Moreover it is said that corporations have $1.8 trillion in cash available for mergers & acquisitions and private equity groups have $430 billion, which they did not use much in 2012. This also generates a hope for entrepreneurs in 2013. These changing trends will push entrepreneurs to benchmark their relevance and re-articulate their differentiators in 2013.
Wish you all Happy New Year!

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Christo Jacob
Managing Editor

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