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October - 2007 - issue > Movers and Shakers
Writing a script of his own
Vimali Swamy
Monday, October 1, 2007
The love for challenges and taking risk is what has kept him ticking in his 29 years of IT and Telecom career. From setting up new businesses to helping companies build scalable business models and take their revenues up, he has done it all and has made sure that never did he do the same work again. The newly appointed India Managing Director of Hitachi Data Systems, Natarajan Viswanathan believes in writing his own script.

Prior to joining Hitachi he was with Parametric Technologies as the Area Vice President. At Hitachi, the biggest challenge he expects to face is the size of business and the size to which it needs to grow within the next 3 yrs. Working with a small organization named ‘Bangalore Point’ way back in 1985 is what he considers the turning point in his career. “Even before the country knew much about retail industry, I was working with a company which was setting up shops in Bombay, Bangalore, and Madras with franchises in Pune, Hyderabad, and Calcutta,” says Viswanathan.

A believer of disruptive management, whenever he finds himself in a comfort level he disrupts himself to go ahead to do things differently or do something to break the routine. Working with great people, integrity, and entrepreneurial approach to work is what he attributes to his success and advises the same to others. “One need not start a new business to be an entrepreneur. Handle your job like it’s your own business and take complete ownership of what you are doing,” advises Viswanathan.
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