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Will India continue to dominate the KPO sector?
si Team
Wednesday, November 30, 2011
India has had a significant dominance over the KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) sector for many years now. However, a recent report by analyst firm Ovum says that a number of KPO hubs have emerged in many Asia-Pacific countries during the last few years. These potential hubs include countries like China, Philippines and Sri Lanka.

“A major challenge facing life sciences companies is the growing cost of R&D and, as a result, a growing number of pharma companies are turning to outsourcing and off-shoring as ways of reducing these costs. China is an attractive location for companies that run and manage all phases of the clinical trial process, as it offers a significant pool of potential patients in an important emerging market,” says Ed Thomas, Analyst, Ovum.

Apart from China, Philippines also is emerging as a key player in the KPO sector. It has carved itself a niche market in various areas including healthcare outsourcing. This market is expected to grow at a great extent as there is a notable demand coming from the U.S. because of the recent reforms in the healthcare regulations.

Sri Lanka also has started concentrating on developing skills in various areas and sectors. The country is now rich of accountants who are capable of providing high end complex equity and credit research. This has enabled them to provide both offshore and nearshore delivery to the vendors providing them access to the sizeable and untapped talent pools.

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