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November - 2010 - issue > Spotlight: Internet
Verismo Networks Taking TV to the Next Level
SI Team
Monday, November 1, 2010
Verismo Networks seeks to change the way we experience home entertainment today by enabling the convergence of broadband and entertainment. It has envisioned enriching home entertainment experience providing access to any media anywhere in the home and from anywhere on the Internet. Verismo Networks is redefining the home television experience by bringing millions of Internet videos around the world directly to your TV — all of this without a computer.

The company was founded by Vijay Maheshwari and Satish Mugulavalli.“The market landscape has changed substantially ever since the Internet has become capable of transport high bandwidth multimedia content. Content providers, who earlier partnered with service providers, now want to reach out to the customers directly and many of them are ready to provide their content for free,” says Prakash Bhalerao, CEO, Verismo Networks.
The solution consists of a CE device called the VuNow settop and a WEB content aggregation system integrating content from several content providers. The high-definition set-top connects to the Internet using a broadband connection and is able to stream content from various content sources such as linear TV channels, free websites like youtube, premium on-demand Hollywood movies. A multi-format, multi-protocol player along with a video search engine enables access to a very broad range of content found on the Internet.
Verismo does not sell directly to consumers but to consumer OEMs who have retail or end user distribution channels. It has partnered with several content providers worldwide to aggregate content on the Internet.

VuNow today is deployed for 12 months by several consumer OEMs and Service providers with users in over 100 countries. The solution has won several awards including the Best Consumer Product 2010, from India Semiconductor Association ‘Technovation awards’, Best Product to succeed in Cable from CableLabs 2009 and Best of the best in the media category in CES 2009.
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